17 Strict Rules Female Lifeguards Must Follow At All Times

17 Strict Rules Female Lifeguards Must Follow At All Times

Professional Lifeguard Rules Are More Strict Than You Could Ever Imagine. From Ice Baths and Dress Code, To Their Beauty Regimen…

A day in the life of a lifeguard can be pretty intense. They have to be hyper-vigilant and focused because their jobs are literally life-saving. As you can imagine, lifeguards have strict rules they follow to keep them in shape and ready to come to the rescue. They also have some hacks and tricks of the trade that they swear by. For instance, you won’t see a female lifeguard with a bun full of wet hair. They’ve shared horror stories about major hair loss from putting up wet hair. They also have beauty regimens that keep their skin soft and moisturized while working in the chlorine and saltwater all day. If you look in a lifeguard’s bag, chances are you’ll find this one key item they don’t leave home without. We’re talking about Vaseline. It’s crucial for preventing chafing from wearing a swimsuit all day.

Lifeguards are expected to be in top physical shape. Endurance, stamina, and strength are crucial for a lifeguard on a rescue mission. A lifeguard’s workout routine is vigorous and intense. But it has to be so they can be our water heroes. Another absolute must-have for lifeguards is a good pair of sunglasses. In fact, sun protection is paramount during a lifeguard’s shift. And hydration is essential. Some lifeguards drink over a gallon of water a day. In addition to water safety and accident prevention, lifeguards must know first aid and CPR. They have to be trained to recognize heat exhaustion and swimmers in distress. These are just a few of the strict rules female lifeguards have to follow on the job.

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