HOW TO Cope with Hair Loss?
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00:04 Talk to your family and loved ones about your hair loss
01:22 Spread awareness about female baldness
02:18 Join an online community or support group
03:20 Help children cope with hair loss

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How to Cope with Hair Loss? Part 3 of 3: Seeking Support.
Talk to your family and loved ones about your hair loss. Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer related treatments and also can be hereditary and a part of aging. Hair loss can be painful for many. Talk to your family members and loved ones about your hair loss. Seeking emotional support from those closest to us is a great way to cope with a difficult situation. If you have children, hair loss can be an issue. Young children especially love playing with their parents’ hair and its sudden loss can be jarring for them. If the hair loss is related to cancer, very young children fail to understand cancer and mistake it as a hair disease alone. Prepare your child for your coming hair loss, assuring them it will grow back. Incorporate them into fun activities, like choosing wigs and scarves. Encourage your partner, if you have one, and other older relatives and friends to treat the hair loss like a normal part of life so your children are less likely to be frightened by it. Many people worry about how hair loss with affect intimacy with their partner. Remember intimacy and sexual attraction are not based solely around looks, and that a lot comes into play in regards to attraction. You and your partner should talk openly about your hair loss. It’s okay to occasionally seek reassurance that your partner still finds you attractive despite the hair loss. You can also ask for your partner’s input when selecting wigs, scarves, and other garments to cover baldness.

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