PRE-MENOPAUSE // Women: Here's What To Expect During 'The Change' (Prelude)

PRE-MENOPAUSE // Women: Here's What To Expect During 'The Change' (Prelude)

*It’s no secret … you WILL experience MENOPAUSE! But what about Pre-Menopause? What can you expect? Coach Tonya dishes on the details in this video!*

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As women get older their estrogen levels naturally decrease and as she nears her 50’s gets closer to entering MENOPAUSE. Prior to that, a woman will also experience PRE-MENOPAUSE which is something of a PRELUDE to what may be coming when menopause happens. And while that may not sound like something to be happy about or thankful for, reconsider and shift your perception.

PRE-MENOPAUSE can be a phase in a woman’s life where she is privy to several clues, insights and indications as to what kind of symptoms she may experience when she fully enters menopause. So, pre-menopause is actually a great time to really increase your body awareness and start taking note of these changes and begin making lifestyle changes that can help alleviate many of these symptoms.

Some of the more common signs of pre-menopause are:
Changes in Menstrual Cycle
Increased Intensity of PMS
Weight Gain
Thinning Hair
Tender Breasts
Frequent UTI’s

The biggest influence of these symptoms is the drop in estrogen levels that starts in the 30’s to 40’s. There is not much you can do to stop this, but you can certainly take measures to allow for a better experience than if you chose to sit back and just let menopause happen TO you.

Use this time to feel a sense of strength with your body. BODY AWARENESS is key and is your best feedback system so listen to it and use this to get your mindset right and start making some healthy lifestyle choices to have a better menopause experience.

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FREE pdf – 6 Ways to Tame Your Appetite & Cravings

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