The 5 Health Issues That Stole My Hair + Treatments That Worked For Me

The 5 Health Issues That Stole My Hair + Treatments That Worked For Me

Hey fam! We are getting close to the end of our hair growth and length retention challenge. I had promised to share this particular info before the challenge ended. This video is longer than my usual ones, but it is for all of those who wanted some deeper insight into the medical conditions that commonly cause hair loss as well as the ones that specifically caused my hair loss and eventual “big chop.” I hope it can bring some awareness and help those who are struggling. Much love! 🤗💕🤗

Medical conditions to consider if you are struggling with hair loss:
1. Genetics
2. Low Iron/Anemia
3. Thyroid Problems
4. Poor Nutrition & Chronic Dehydration
5. Auto Immune Disease & Autoimmune Alopecia
6. Side Effects of Medications
*Specific Medical Conditions I experienced…
7. Food Allergies
8. Stress
9. Adrenal Dysfunction/Fatigue
10. Hormonal Imbalance
11. Poor Gut Health

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