The Truth About Male Pattern Baldness, Finasteride & Blocking DHT

The Truth About Male Pattern Baldness, Finasteride & Blocking DHT

In this video, we reveal the truth about male pattern baldness, finasteride and blocking DHT. We go in-depth into scalp tension, and how scalp tension also plays a critical role in losing hair.

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In this video I’m going to explain why the unusual case of Sadhu’s arm can help us understand a fundamental truth about the real underlying cause of male pattern baldness.

It’s a truth that any pharmaceutical company selling hair loss drugs would rather you didn’t know.

But before I go into that, I first want to explain a little more about the background science of male pattern baldness.

So let me start with a question…

Did you ever wonder why there is a ‘pattern’ in Male Pattern Baldness?

It’s funny to think, but there’s a very specific and scientific reason that our hair starts receding and thinning at the front first and then progressing in this specific m-shaped pattern.

This is known as the The Hamilton-Norwood scale and uses a numbering system to assign specific stages of hair loss to men suffering with ‘androgenetic alopecia’ or male pattern baldness.

You can probably see what number you’re at by looking at this image…

Men with male pattern baldness typically tend to progress through to the next stage every few years unless they manage to do something to stop it.

Okay, back to the pattern thing…

So do you know why hair loss happens in this very specific pattern?
Let me show you.

This image shows the tensile force of the scalp.

The lighter blue colour shows areas of higher scalp tension.

The darker blue shows less scalp tension.

Now take a look at the typical pattern of male pattern baldness, as shown in the Hamilton Norwood scale:

Notice something weird?

The patterns are exactly the same!

Tension in the scalp matches exactly the pattern of hair loss most men experience.

In fact, this isn’t weird at all.

Scalp tension and hair loss are directly connected.

Actually, Scalp tension causes male pattern hair loss.

But how are scalp tension and hair loss connected?

Blood flow…

When it comes to healthy hair growth, blood flow is everything.

Your hair needs blood to survive and grow because nutrients, oxygen and growth hormones are
carried in the blood and make up the raw building blocks of the hair follicle…Cont



This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease


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